NEWS & TRENDSGoogle Bard Vs OpenAI ChatGPT: Battle of the top free AI chatbots in India

Google Bard Vs OpenAI ChatGPT: Battle of the top free AI chatbots in India

OpenAI’s ChatGPT acquired popularity in India soon following its launch in November 2022, but the chatbot’s popularity may be waning now that its competitor Google Bard has arrived in India. The Google AI chatbot, like ChatGPT, is free, but because Google has dozens of products like Search, Workspace, and more, it delivers functionality that the latter does not. Although Bard arrived late, it has functioned admirably.

Here are a few examples of how Google Bard has used its capabilities to its advantage and gained an advantage over its competitor ChatGPT.

Google Bard provides instant internet connection.

Although Google’s AI chatbot has been trained using a large number of datasets while replying to a request, it also relies on the internet for knowledge. When you give Google Bard a prompt, it returns up-to-date results with information from Google Search. The capability of real-time internet connection can be quite useful for research or obtaining information for any purpose. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is entirely dependent on pre-defined datasets.

Google Bard recognises voice instructions.

Voice commands can also be processed by Google’s AI chatbot. Like Google Search, it has a microphone option in the right corner of the bar where you type the prompts. This feature is missing from OpenAI’s ChatGPT. When asked if it can accept speech commands, ChatGPT said, “As an AI text-based model, I’m not capable of directly accepting voice commands.” Only text-based inputs can I process and respond to.”

ChatGPT offered a remedy, saying, “However, you can use speech-to-text software or voice recognition tools to convert your voice commands into text and then input them to interact with me.” OpenAI has not stated whether or when voice command capabilities for ChatGPT would be available.

Google Bard is capable of summarising webpages.

To receive a quick summary of a big item online, simply enter the phrase “summarise this website [insert URL]” and you’ll get a brief summary. ChatGPT does not have this capability. When ChatGPT was given the identical request, it responded, “I apologise, but I’m unable to access external websites or specific articles such as [website URL].” My responses as an AI language model are developed based on pre-existing knowledge till September 2021. If you have any specific questions or require information on a specific topic connected to OpenAI, AI ethics, or other areas, please ask, and I’ll be pleased to assist based on my existing knowledge.”


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